Black and Blue

Black and Blue Hand on hat

Black and Blue looking right

Black and Blue front shot

Black and Blue Holding Hair

Black and Blue Looking down
Black and Bluepose

Black and Blue side shot

Black and Blue Holidng skirt

Black and Blue looking left

Black and Blue fav pic
So here in Utah.. it will be freezing cold one day, and warm/hot the next. There is a saying that Utah has bi-polar weather.. and its very true! Which makes it hard to dress yourself. Because when you wake up in the morning, and you peek outside it looks like going to be a gloomy, rainy day.. So, you put on that favorite sweater and boots.. then it ends up be the "hottest" day all year. 

>>Luckily the weather has been consistently beautiful the past few weeks! Hopefully we will continue to have a warm Spring!<<

I had the fun opportunity to take pictures with my amazing friend Hollie! (See other pictures she took here, and here) We had it all planned out, and during those weeks of planning the weather had been cold and cloudy skies. (prime time for pictures) so we thought we were golden!
Utah's weather decided to be SUPER sunny on that day. While, on  a normal day, I would have been loving the sun. 1. My outfit was dark colors.. so I was baking. and 2. We went in the middle of the day...
But we worked with what we had, and had a BLAST!

I got this skirt recently.. I've never really worn an a-line skirt before. I always thought they made my hips look big or that I looked like a little girl... So I usually steered clear of them. But then I saw this skirt at Lulu's and I just had to have it!  After receiving it, I had a hard time getting used to the fit but I wanted to give it a shot! I tried pretty much every shirt I owned to see what looked best! Cobalt blue and black are one of my favorite color combos... so I fell in love with this look!
Normally due to the volume of the skirt.. I would never wear a boxy sweater on top... but isnt that what clothes are for? For trying new, fun outfits to see what works and what doesn't?
I like how the end result turned out. Hope you do too!

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