Wish List Wednesday -- Target Spring Shoes

Today's wish list is all about shoes!
More specifically... Shoes from Target!
Now that Utah's weather permits open toed shoes, I was in some desperate need of updating my Spring shoes!
During the fall and winter season I am a strict boot/bootie wearer. 
(see here, here, here oh, and here).
I have been trying to be good at breaking up with my boots and booties.. but its been harder than I thought. They are my favorite!
Thank goodness for Target, for snatching my attention away from my norm and helping me change things up!
Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes? I know I do! So I was excited to get a fresh start for Spring.
Target always has amazing deals and their style is on point!
I'll admit in saying that I got quite a few pairs of shoes, but when I find a good pair of shoes that are going to last, and are comfortable.. how can I pass that up?
It's worth mentioning that the amount that I spent 4-5 pairs of shoes at Target, would have only paid for about two pairs of shoes from other stores I've looked at previously.

I hope you find inspiration with these cute Spring shoes! Head on over to your nearest Target, or Target.com and get not only yourself, but your family new Spring shoes!

Right now, you can get 20% off shoes on all styles!
Take a look here!
Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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Tag me with your cute finds from Target.. or just your favorite Spring shoe!