Let's do this!

Those who know me know that I absolutely love fashion! Always have, and always will!! However, there are two sides of me when it comes to getting ready for the day... the one that loves putting on make-up, picking out an outfit and matching my hairstyle with it, and the other side that follows the trendy t-shirt's motto “a proud supporter of messy hair and sweat pants!”
 No matter what side or mood I am in, I try to keep my sense of style in the way I dress.

When I was little, I would sit down after school and watch TLC's "What Not to Wear" with my mom and mentally gather inspiration from fashion guru's Stacy and Clinton. I loved seeing the transformation that was made in women (and men) on the show and how they didn't just change their wardrobe but they often changed their outlook on life and how they viewed themselves.

My goal with this blog is to inspire girls and women to dress, and feel beautiful just like Stacy and Clinton inspired me. I love getting myself dressed up, but even more than that I love helping others dress themselves up and feel good about themselves. One of the greatest feelings in the world comes from helping someone else boost their self confidence and being able to see the radiant smile come to their face.

Today’s society has corrupted the minds of women into thinking they need expensive, skimpy clothing, loads of accessories, and to be a size 0-4 to be beautiful. I am here to tell you that is not the case. As long as you are confident in yourself, you are beautiful!

SO, Let’s get something straightThere is NO need to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve a cute outfit! There are ways to take something as simple as a cheap t-shirt and style it in a way that makes you look like you just walked out of a high end store.

 I hope to teach those tips and tricks to you! 

I am by no means a professional stylist, (Maybe in my head) but I hope I can help and inspire others to feel amazing and beautiful in the clothes they already own. Or if they are in a place where they can splurge a little bit on themselves, I can help point them to an affordable and adorable direction.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy it!

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