Braids and Red Rocks

I wore this turtleneck sweater while Nate and I were down in St. George for the New Years weekend, and I knew that I wanted to create some kind of braided up-do to compliment the neckline. Creating hair styles and make up are becoming a huge passion of mine. If I am every bored, my favorite thing to do is to seek inspiration from tutorials and picking things from each video to mimic in my own look! I am by no means a professional makeup artist or hair stylist but I absolutely love playing around and seeing what I can come up with. After watching a million Instagram and YouTube video tutorials I landed on this twisted side braid. It's one of those braids that looks super complicated, but it look me all of 5-6 minutes to create!

So, you know when you are dressed for the day, your make up is on point, but you have no idea what to do with your hair? If you have the time, just play with it! There are HUNDREDS of styles and people you can follow to gather inspiration to create your own looks! Braids have always been a favorite easy go-to hairstyle but its about making them different every time. My favorite go-to side braid is my faux fishtail braid. Its so easy and stays intact all day!

One thing that I always have to tell myself is to lower my expectations on how "perfect" I want my hair to look. The more you mess with your hair, the more fussy and uncomfortable it will appear and feel. If you are wanting a relaxed, effortless look, don't stress about it. I make mistakes ALL the time and they end up becoming some of my favorite looks!

I hope you enjoy this look! I am starting to do early morning workouts and braids are the perfect after-workout hairstyle so I will continue to create more braids for you guys!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren 

Pants: Purchased at Sole Boutique a while ago (similar styles)
Shoes (similar)

The struggle is real right? #reallifeprobs
 I had no idea I had a huge hole in my sweater till Nate pointed it out and he snapped this picture perfectly. So I safety pinned it for the rest of the day cause I didn't want to change ha!