Millie Kitty

So I have been still feeling sick with my constant headaches so I wasn't able to go out and take any outfit pics this past week. The headache is doing a lot better, so I will make it up to you guys this next week. So instead of a normal outfit post, I thought I'd introduce our fur child to you all. :) If you guys follow me on snapchat (urbanombre) or instagram (urban_ombre) you have probably seen pictures of our little fur child Millie. She is actually my parents cat, they live in a home that doesn't allow pets, so we took her in for a while. Nate won't admit it, but we really do love having her. I tease Nate that the day we have to give her back to my parents we will need to go get a new kitty or puppy to fill that void cause I will probably go into a deep depression because she has been nice to have around while Nate is in school.

Millie is actually the cat that I grew up with, so she and I get along pretty well. She is 16 years old and is low maintenance when it comes to taking care of her, but is EXTREMELY high maintenance when it comes to getting our attention. She loves men, so if we are cuddling on the couch and Nate sits by us, she will always move to sit on his lap. Ha! I don't blame her, I think he's pretty hunky too. ;) She is a beautiful cat. Her fur is so soft and her cuddles warm my heart every time, but that girl has the WORLDS most annoying meow. She doesn't mind being left alone while we are at work/school. But when we are home, and aren't paying attention to her, that is when she makes sure we know it. meow, Meow, MEOW! Gah Millie, WHAT?!

If you guys have any tips or tricks on how to keep a cat quiet, I would love to hear them!! We have tried a lot of things, but since she is older, and she is just a talkative cat, I just try to ignore it. Her constant meows however gets under Nate's skin.

On a different note, also on Snapchat, I was talking about these off-brand UGG boots. I scored these at Nordstrom Rack a while back and there are still some sizes left in these mid shaft and a ton of sizes in the tall shaft. They are insanely comfy and I wear them all.the.time! If you are searching for a pair of these and don't want to pay a fortune, go grab some while they are there. The mid shaft are only $9.90!!! The tall shaft are $14.90!!! Crazy good deal! I got the traditional tan color and these grey ones. I hope you guys can get some before they are all gone, you will looooove them!

So yeah, this is our little fur baby for the time being. We really do love having her. Sorry if you are sick of seeing her on my snapchat. She is just so cute and I have nothing else better to do. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren