Like everyone else going into the New Year, working out and being overall healthier was at the top of my resolutions list. I'm proud to say that I have been doing really well and am already seeing improvements! Even though its only been 15 days, it is still a big accomplishment for me. Hollie and I are committed to get our tired bums out of bed at (wait for it...) 5:30 am and hit the gym!!!! Yeah, it can be rough at times but there is nothing better than having someone who shares the same personal goals and is a motivator to help you reach that goal. Stay tuned for a collaborative post about personal fitness with Hollie and I! :)

Unfortunately, there will be times that your gym partner won't always be around so I have received a lot of my motivation from my Fitbit. A while ago, Hollie had a Fitbit One that she wasn't using since she upgraded hers to the Fitbit Charge HR. The One was in perfect condition and I was excited to give it a try! I honestly never thought that I'd ever use something like a Fitbit. When I got it I wasn't sure how to use it or if I would even like it. To my surprise, I can't seem to go a day without wearing it because it allows me to watch my daily goals and personal progress. To go along with the Fitbit, you also download the Fitbit app to track your progress at your fingertips. I clip my Fitbit One to my bra strap because it's out of the way and not visible to other people... it can look awkward to go digging for it, take it out, and put it back but I just try not to take it out very often. The clip is really strong so you can feel good about it not falling off and loosing it. Another option is to clip it to a belt loop or a pocket.

Another feature that I love to use is the sleep tracking function. I have used it for both Nate and myself. I don't know about you, but some nights are just full of restlessness, and others you sleep like a rock. With this feature you are able to see how long you are asleep and how often you are restless and awake. Sleep is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle and the sleep tracker function gives me peace of mind that I am well rested when I have to wake up for early morning workouts.

To go along with a new workout regime, and Fitbit, there is always room for cute new workout clothes. People say it all the time and it is a true statement but, new, cute workout clothes just help make you feel better about yourself and keep you driven to get the bod you're working for. I scored my outfit from Old Navy (minus shoes and sports bra) and I practically live in them. Old Navy is having a massive sale on their active wear and it was too good to pass up so I stocked up for the New Year.

If you are still trying to get your workout routine together, the best advice that I can give (and I give it lightly because I am SO not a personal coach or athlete) is to just start now. Find something that works for your schedule and stick with it. Hollie and I wrote down our schedule on a calendar and it's very fulfilling to cross off another day of a successful workout. Hope you all have an awesome weekend! We got tons of snow at our house so I'm planning on a weekend in and celebrating my sister Jade's birthday on Saturday! I love you girly!

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