Back to Black

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's crazy that we are in the middle of the week already. I'm not complaining, I just hope the rest of the week continues to go by fast. So it can be the weekend again. Ha! So for Christmas, I got these amazing velvet, metal tipped booties and I am absolutely obsessed with them! Nate keeps teasing me saying "no one better mess with you.You could probably stab someone with these shoes because the tips are really pointed." Metal details have been a hot trend this fall/winter and I am SO on board. I have a couple pairs of boots/booties with some sort of metal detailing and I think it's a simple way to give the shoe a pop and yet keep the girly/edgy style alive!

The only downfall that I have found with these booties is that I have one foot a bit bigger than the other, so I have to wear a thicker sock on one foot and a thinner sock on the other one. #facepalm but it works! When I first put them on, I only put the "bigger foot" one on and it was really uncomfortable and was so sad that they weren't going to work! I gave it another try and put both of them on and figured out the sock trick. So a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to make the shoes fit right?
Because the booties are in my favorite color, I wanted to keep the outfit cohesive with the shoes and go all black! Plus I haven't posted an all black look for a while and funny enough we shot this in the same location as my very FIRST post! It's crazy how much I have grown as a blogger since then! You guy's have helped me shape my blog into what it is today and I cannot thank you guys enough for the love and support I get from you! xoxoxo!

Alright.. enough mushy stuff.. ;)
Before Christmas, my friend Hollie was telling me about the website 6pm where you can get killer deals on name brand shoes and clothes. I was curious cause I'm all about getting discounts on name brands. I didn't think that I would find anything worth getting cause I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, but the second I saw these booties I knew I had to have them! 6pm has so many amazing selections and discounts on the best brands. Be sure you go check it out!

The leggings I'm wearing are too long (short people probs) so don't judge me for rolling them up, it was either that or having that horrid bunching at the ankles. I know it looks dorky. It was seriously freezing cold that day and our camera was being stupid so try to ignore my "angry/mad" face. I was trying to play it so cool, like I was totally fine but my face was frozen. However, this wool coat really kept the rest of me nice and warm! It has been a lifesaver this Winter! I've talked about it before, but the feminine cut and quality fabric makes this the perfect wool coat. It keeps you warm and doesn't make you look bulky. Next time I'm going to wear thicker pants though.

I hope you guys have a good rest of the week!! I got great feedback from creating a step by step tutorial for this braid so you can expect that in the near future! Also, if you like this twisty braid let me know too!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren 
Coat (same brand)
Sweater Old (similar)