Winter Neutrals

Happy New Year everyone! Nate and I spent our New Years Eve with his family in St. George. It was SO warm! Well, warmer than it is at our house.. ha! We basically lived in our pj's the whole time; watching movies, playing games and eating a ton of food. It was perfect and we didn't miss the snow at all! It was crazy to walk outside with just a jacket on and feel comfortable.

Neutrals are hands down one of my favorite looks. I know I am one to pull out every dark colored piece of clothing when winter hits, but I decided to try a winter neutral for a change. There is nothing better than perfect, freshly fallen snow. Why not mimic that look in your wardrobe? Mixing textures and tones in the same color schemes are super appealing to me. It just seems to emanate class and sophistication for some reason. I got this gorgeous scarf from my mother in law for Christmas and new exactly what to wear with it! When Nate and I were at Forever 21 a few weeks back (getting my new coat) I saw this creamy soft white sweater. I am a sucker for soft sweaters and I can never have enough, so I begged Nate to let me get this one to complete my ensemble.

If you're not a big fan of wearing lots of colors in a similar tone then break it up with a different article of clothing. I, for example, didn't want to be dressed head to toe in cream and white so I broke it up with a light grey suede jacket and tan boots. If your really want to make a statement then throw in a pop of color! Nothing sets an outfit apart better than throwing on a pop of lipstick and matching scarf (or similar item) over a neutral colored outfit.

To finish off my look, I put my hair in some quick messy piggy tail fishtails. See my Faux Fishtail tutorial for a step by step guide on how to make fishtail braids. I hope you all can get back into the grid of things after two long weekends in a row! I know Nate and I struggled getting up this morning but a new goal of mine is getting to bed on time and waking up on time. So we will see how well that pans out. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday! 

Scarf (similar)
Sweater (similar, bought in store)
Jacket (bought in store, no longer online)
Boots old (similar)
[Photo Cred: The Hubs]
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