Ice Castles

Happy Monday everyone! Is it another week already?! Sheesh.. I was sick in bed most of the weekend, so it flew by for us. Before my sickness ruined my weekend, Nate and I went on a little day date to the Ice Castles in Midway Utah. We would have loved to have gone in the evening when they have colored lights shining through the ice, but all the tickets gone. L By getting sick later that day, I'm glad we did it during the day and miss out on going. While we were waiting in line, Nate mentioned that he overheard the people standing behind us speaking Swedish. We wanted to start a conversation with them but didn't want to be awkward and be like "Are you from Sweden?!" haha! It was their first time at the ice castles so they began asking us if it was our first time too, and how it all worked. It was the perfect segue for Nate to talk to them and utilize his Swedish skills. It's not very often that he runs into Swedes, so every chance he gets to speak Swedish, he loves using it! It was so fun to hear them speak and then look at me and expect me to understand what they are saying. Ha! It made the time go by faster while we waited to go inside, they were very nice people!

It was our first time going there too so I wasn't sure what to expect. I’ve seen tons of pictures and videos in the past so I knew I wanted to put it on our bucket list. I wanted to get there as early as possible so we took the 12:00 slot and it was PACKED! I was getting nervous that it wasn’t going to be able to fit everyone who was in line and that it would make me claustrophobic and drain the fun. To my surprise it was really open and big inside. In the middle of the castle was a big open area with sitting areas and a ice, water fountain. Surrounding the open area were caves, slides for people to go down and tunnels for little ones to go explore. One of my favorite parts of the castle was that they were playing the soundtrack from Frozen, Piano Guys version of "Let it go" and a few other Disney songs. Really made the atmosphere more magical and naturally I had to wear my version of an Elsa braid J

If you plan on visiting one of the ice castles I suggest you wear good boots and coat! Because it’s not below zero here in Utah, they have people working on the castle to maintain the structure and so it doesn't melt. So the floor it’s covered with chunks of ice which makes it hard to walk through, and there are sinking holes of shaved ice that go pretty deep. I made sure Nate and I both wore boots that wouldn't allow snow to fall in. I knew the boots I wanted to wear a coat to go along with them! This buffalo checkered coat was perfect! It is lined with wool like fabric and the boyfriend, over sized look kept all my body heat in.

Back to the castles, they had a really cute snack shack with yummy, warm treats to buy. We decided to split a hot chocolate and HOLY COW it was hot! We totally burnt out tongues on it. I couldn't help but keep drinking it though, because it was amazing hot chocolate! I don’t know what brand they were using but it was delicious! We didn’t stay super long while we were there, we explored everything that there was to explore and drank our hot chocolate and then left. I wish we had our nieces and nephews with us, it would make it more fun and worth staying longer, but thats ok. Now we can say we went to the ice castles and cross it off our list! They have these ice castles in Midway Utah, Eden Prairie Minnesota, Lincoln New Hampshire and Edmonton Alberta if you are close to any of these area's, I suggest you put it on your bucket list and go! 

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren 
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