Sunday Best

I realized over the weekend that I don't post enough dressy looks for you guys. I am a huge casual dresser. T Shirts, jeans, sweats, you name it.  However, I also have always loved to doll up for an event or even just for church. Due to the new year, our church got moved to the 1pm block. So now I get more time in the morning to get myself put together.

I got this dress last year on clearance at Target. I don't know if you have browsed the clearance section there, but they have some pretty amazing things in there for dirt cheap! I saw this dress when it first came into the store. I am a sucker for leather detailing and maroon was a popular color during the fall, so I was immediately drawn to it. I was a stickler though, and didn't want to pay full price so I would check on it every chance I was there and eventually I found it on sale. On the downside, they did have my true size so I had to go up a size. That's kind of the norm for me. I actually prefer altering my pieces, so they fit me perfectly. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to get this altered yet so it looks a bit big on me, but I still wanted to wear it. It was freezing cold outside so, I kept my coat on and belted it which made it look a bit more flattering.

The quilted fabric of this dress so thick and warm. Throw on a coat and some nice tights and you will feel comfortable in the frigid weather. I personally wish that I had worn some tights cause... YIKES those are some white legs! haha My thought process was worrying about getting too hot being inside for a few hours so I skipped them this time. Since I don't own a skinny black belt (I know right?) I wanted to tie in the white from my belt by pairing it with my black and white heels. These shoes are my favorite go-to church shoe. The monochrome colors go with any look, and they fit perfectly so I don't walk like I've never worn heels before.

I hope you guys have a great Monday! I haven't been feeling super awesome over the weekend, so I stayed home to rest myself up for my early morning workouts and to help with school projects for Nate!

Thanks for stopping by! 
xo Lauren 

Dress (similar)
Coat (same brand)
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