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Happy Friday everyone! Today's post is all about hair extensions... more specifically Bellami hair extensions and my personal (rather lengthy) experience with them. So bare with me, its worth reading if you are thinking of getting their extensions...

My story begins a little over 2 years ago when Nate and I were engaged. I was an avid extensions wearer, however I only bought the cheap brands with the cheap clips every 6 months or so. Needless to say my hair was shot due to ratting my hair every day and I came to the realization that I had damaged my hair so badly that the only real option was to cut it and start over. The very thought of having short hair for my wedding made me cry. My sweet mother took pity on me and coughed up a rather large amount of money to buy me some sew-in extensions. I didn't want to have chopped hair for my wedding so I took the sew-ins. I kept them in for about 1 ½ years to allow my hair to relax and grow. Once it became hard for me to keep up with the appointments and the expenses I decided to take them out. I felt so bald! Even though my hair was long, it was not thick. I kept telling myself that long, thick hair doesn’t define me, and that my hair really needed a break. So I toughed it out and didn’t wear any extensions to allow my sad head of hair to relax and get back to a healthy state.

With help from amazing products my sister gave me, it didn’t take long for my hair to begin growing and becoming healthy. In fact, my hair was better than it was before I got the cheap-o extensions. At this point I was feeling ready to re-introduce clip-ins to my hair. I researched and had heard of Bellami and wanted to give them a try. So I logged onto their site and followed all the proper steps on making sure I got the correct color (You can submit a photo of yourself in natural lighting to Bellami and they will color match you). After waiting what felt like forever (my hair was on backorder) I finally got my Bellami’s! I was so excited to have long thick hair again. I brought it home and opened the little sample swatch they provided (This is very important…That little swatch is a way for you to clip into your hair to ensure that its going to match. If it doesn’t, you can ship it back to them and get a new color).

Well… you see, through all of my excitement I ran into the bathroom and threw that sample clip in my hair and from I could tell, it matched perfectly. Without missing a beat, I opened the rest of the hair and began putting into my hair. The end result was gut wrenching.

They did not match.
There was an OBVIOUS difference with my golden curls, compared to the more champagne/pinky colored Bellami’s. I tried not to freak out, knowing that I screwed up and that I couldn't return the hair. I faked my excitement for Nate’s sake cause he paid a lot of money for them. The next day I called my sister (who's a hairstylist) bawling over how my sweet husband paid for these amazing clip-ins and that I was such an idiot and wasn’t patient enough to see if they really did match. So she began thinking of what we could do maybe take away some of the picky hues and replace them with some golden shades. For those of you who don't know... this is nearly impossible. You see, red is one of the most difficult colors to take out of hair, and seeing how these clip-ins had a light hue of pink we were up against a daunting feat. But I was desperate so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

We came across a new bleaching agent that is supposed to lighten hair up to 7 levels without completely blowing out the quality of the hair. We tried it out on the 1 clip in and it turned MORE PINK?! Are you kidding me?! How could this happen?! My sister began thinking of every possible thing we could do. We took the hair to a beauty supply store to seek out professional help and all the girls gave us a “you are crazy” look as we explained what we were trying to do (as they should have, because we were crazy). We purchased what they thought would help. We took it home and began working at it.

Surprisingly it worked... but all the vibrancy of the hair was gone. It now looked gray. I was done. I began breaking down and was ready to tell Nate that he just wasted all that money. My sister kept her cool and thought of one more thing we could try. She ran to the supply store while I was at work, she began working at it and the vibrancy began to come back but it still had a little pink in it.

At that point, I didn’t care. I just wanted long, thick hair and I didn’t want to continue to ruin them. I took them home and began doing conditioning treatments on them so the ends weren’t so blown out and frizzy. I think it helped a bit with toning down the color. But they still didn’t match completely.

So fast forward again to last weekend, I went on a photo shoot with my friend. Nate and I had a date night planned for that night so I wanted to feel a bit more sassy. I threw in my clip-ins and curled them (usually curling them helps so you can’t see the difference in color... at least to me) I walked up to her and she asked “Did you dye your ends rose gold?!” me: “no, they are my extensions, I know they don’t match, but I wanted long hair today.” Her “OMG, I love it! They blend really well! You should wear them more often!”

Seriously, that just made my life! All the pain that I put myself through suddenly just became worth it. (That is why you have good friends peeps!!)  She encouraged me to look past the fact that they don’t match perfectly and to just work with that I have. Eventually I will get ones that match better than these. It's been about a year and I am now appreciating these extension.

I want to give a disclaimer here... this was not Bellami's fault. This was 100% my doing. In fact they were so kind and had wonderful customer service when I contacted them. They offered free shipping on a new set of hair, free brushes or press on nails; but unfortunately no exchange for opened/tempered hair. They were so sweet to offer those things.

So now, I have rose gold tipped hair, and I LOVE them! Moral of this story is unless you are going for a rose gold tip look, be patient and don’t pop open the package without truly knowing if they match. It will save you a lot of heartache. :)

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