Fall and Fishtails

Raise your hand if you are a braid lover! The messier the braid the better in my opinion! The only downfall to a messy braid is knowing if it is going to last all day or not. My hair has a lot of layers that are SUPER frustrating when I do my braids. So one braid that I use on repeat (that is more "layers friendly") is this fishtail braid. Due to the fact that the hair sections are smaller, my layers are better at staying put.
I hate it when I do my hair and I walk outside and its instantly ruined due to the wind, rain, snow.. you name it. So I have a few tips and tricks that I have learned over the years to keep your braids from going crazy. Stay tuned for a tutorial on those tips and tricks!!

 I hope you all have fun plans this weekend! ;)
Nate and I are going to go see the new James Bond movie this weekend! I'm pretty excited!

[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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See ya guys next time!
xo Lauren