Last Minute Costume- DIY Mermaid

I know Halloween is today, but I know there are some of you peeps who still don't have a costume. Whether you are going to a Halloween party, hosting a party, or going trick or treating with your little ones, its always more fun when you're dressed up. So here are a few, last minute options for those of you who are needing a Halloween costume.

My first last minute costume is a skeleton face. If you missed it a few days ago, I did a whole post on a skeleton face costume for the last post in my Fall Trends series. It honestly didn't take me too long, and you just have to wear all black. Super simple. The products I used are linked in the post.

Now, If that isn't quite the look you are going for, then consider this Mermaid look! I took an old prom dress and deconstructed it and turned it into my mermaid dress. Since today is Halloween and you probably don't have time to repurpose a dress, its time to go for the easy route (my dress took a few days to complete). You can stick with the make up look I created (links on products below) and go a little easier on the outfit. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Go get either some green leggings or a green maxi dress. You can stop there, but if you want to incorporate scales, you can get black non toxic paint and a paint brush and paint the scales on the bottoms or wear fishnet tights.
2. With whatever colored paint you want, paint on sea shells to a white or nude colored t shirt to give the appearance of wearing a shelled bra. Or go to a party store and buy a coconut/shell bra.
3. For the hair. 3 barrel roll, curl your hair to give it a sea salted texture. Braid small braids around your head and then do one big fishtail braid. The messier, the better.
4. Little details make all the difference. Finish off your costume with sea shells, glitter and any under the sea accessories you may have.

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! 
Use the pictures below as a reference for the make up look! 

Teal, Purple and Gold Eyeshadow (used for forehead, contour lines and highlights)
Sea Shells
Gold Leafing 

*Note, I just used my lash glue for the pearls, rhinestones, shells and gold leafing*
(Don't forget to use this 50% off one full priced item coupon at Michaels!)

[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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xo Lauren