Happy Anniversary!

Over the weekend, Nate and I took a quick trip to Salt Lake City to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.
Here are some pictures of what we did while we were there.

With our busy schedules, it makes it hard for us to go on getaways. So with our two year anniversary this year, we were dying to get out of our daily routines and do something fun! We had access to a great condo in Salt Lake City so we took advantage of it. 
We started things out by going shopping at City Creek. I made it a priority to go to Nordstrom's to get a sample of my favorite perfume by Jo Malone--Nectarine Blossom and Honey! (see the price tag on that perfume… yikes! One day I will own a bottle!) So whenever I go to any Nordstrom's I always get a sample and make it last. We then went to our favorite stores at City Creek and did a little shopping. I found some amazing colored blazers from Forever 21 that I cannot wait to style! Nate found a dope OKC hat… So we both scored! 
After we made our way through the mall, we ended up going to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.(yum!) We spoiled ourselves with delicious Avocado Egg Rolls, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Fish N Chips and of course... Cheesecake... Oreo Cheesecake! (I realized we didn't take picture of the cheesecake… it got devoured once we got home... oops)
On Sunday we walked around Temple Square and the second we walked through those gates, the smell of fresh flowers filled the air. It was amazing! Temple Square is already so beautiful.. but add some freshly bloomed flowers and blossoms and it just makes everything so much more beautiful. So of course, we had to snap a million pictures of every view of the Temple. (photo cred: Nate) 
On Monday, we slept in and had a delicious breakfast then Nate spoiled me even more with my favorite lunch! In N Out animal style fries all the way!
Happy Anniversary Babe!
Thank you for a great little getaway!
I love you!

While we were in Salt Lake, I made a little list for those who either haven't been there before, or just don't know what to do with themselves while they are there.. here are a few things you could do to make your Salt Lake City experience a great one!
1. Shop at City Creek: Even if you don't have much of a budget to go shopping, it is such a great mall and with the beautiful weather that we've been having, its great to just walk around and window shop! Or, if you are needing an excuse to get out of the house, take the kiddos and enjoy the water feature shows they provide in the main court (by Nordstrom)
2. Go to Temple Square: No matter if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or not. Anyone is welcome to go and walk around the Temple Square grounds. Right now (see above pictures) the flowers are blooming, and it is seriously breathtakingly beautiful!
3. Get Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake: Now, I know there are probably a ton of different restaurants in Salt Lake that are better than Cheesecake Factory, but that is always our "special occasion" restaurant to go to. The Oreo Cheesecake all the way! It is seriously delicious!!
4. Go see a movie at the Gateway Megaplex: This movie theater is like no other, it is HUGE! One thing that is a big deal for me when going to the movies.. is comfy seats, and enough room for Nate's long legs to stretch out. Also, good popcorn! They've got it all at the Gateway Megaplex.
       - Movies to see: Cinderella, Insurgent (<--saw it, and loved it), Home, Avengers Age of Ultron and The Age of Adaline.
5. Be lazy! With Nate and I, we hardly ever get time to just be lazy. Life is always crazy, and it seems like we never catch a break. So we took FULL advantage of being lazy. If you have a crazy schedule, and have the opportunity to get away, try sleeping in, catch up on some shows you've been meaning to watch, or just talk with your loved ones. With our busy schedules, I feel like we hardly see each other. So I was great to just chill! 
I hope these little Salt Lake City tips are helpful. I know we had a great time while we were there. Hope you do too!
I am in love with these ^^ pictures from a few weeks ago.. So I just had to sneak them in here!
Photography by HLSteed
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