These Boots are Made for Walkin'

Sorry I missed Monday's post, life has been absolutely insane. I know that's the lamest excuse ever, and I'm always using it, but it's true. I've felt like I've been drowning with how much I have had going on lately. One thing I have to remind myself is that I control this blog, and the blog does not control me. So I hope I didn't let anyone down by messing up the posting schedule a bit. Just know that if I happen to not post on here, I will always post on Instagram (urban_ombre) and Snapchat (urbanombre)! Be sure you are following me on both of those accounts so can see whats going on in my life!

Anyways.. back to the post now. I have never really been an over the knee boot wearer, or a flat boot wearer for that matter. I have always loved my little heeled booties and mid calf boots. When I imagined myself wearing OTK boots, I thought they would make my short legs look even shorter, and without a heel I would look un-proportionate. I took a chance a while ago and got some black OTK from Forever 21 and I have been obsessed ever since!

After I realized I felt comfortable with how I looked with them on, I wanted to branch out and get some different colors. I have seen maroon boots everywhere lately and had my eye on some, but they looked just like everyone else's. Don't get me wrong, they are stunning boots, but I wanted something a little different. I looked around for weeks looking for the perfect pair. I knew I wanted them to be flats and, of course, maroon. I had an ad pop up in my email from Nordstrom Rack about having good sales on shoes before Christmas. I thought why not, and started browsing. I found a few that I liked but weren't in love with them. I came across the black version of my boots and really liked the leather detail (shocker). So I clicked on them and saw that they came in maroon!

My mother in law wanted to get all of us kids new shoes for Christmas so I made sure she got these ones for me! Funny enough, I actually totally forgot about them till I opened them on Christmas morning so I was super surprised and excited! They fit perfectly and I have to force myself to not wear them everyday.

Unfortunately these boots are no longer online, but they have so many different amazing selections to choose from. If you are in the "not sure" zone, like I was in, I would suggest you go to a store and try on a pair rather than buy some and feel stuck if you happen to not like them. I went into Forever 21 and tried my black ones on and knew right then that I loved them. NOTE: just be sure you are wearing pants or jeans that you would normally wear with OTK boots. To all my short girls out there, I know it is a an adjustment to get used to, but I am honestly in love with OTK boots. They easily spice or glam up any outfit and the silhouette is so flattering. I hope you give them a try! 

Boots (other styles)
Sweater Dress (similar)
[Photo Cred: The Hubs]
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