Mad for Plaid

Happy Monday everyone! It is snowing like crazy here and I wish I could just stay home and watch it fall. As much as I love seeing snow on the ground, I am not a huge fan of driving in it. People seem to freak out and forget all of their previous experience in driving and end up driving like a bunch of 15 year old student drivers... Anyways... mini rant over. :)

If you follow my blog, you probably saw my previous post about plaid shirts. So you know it's a favorite trend of mine. I have *cough cough* a lot of plaid shirts. To my defense though, plaid shirts can be unique. There any SO many different color combinations and I always seem to find new colors and styles that I can't help but add it to my collection!

At my last Forever 21 stop, I found this blouse and naturally fell in love with it. When I picked it up I was stoked to find that it was my size, but I was a bit nervous because it wasn’t made of flannel. I’m all about warm flannel shirts during the Fall/Winter, however I wanted to give it a try because I couldn’t get over how deep and rich the colors were. I tried it on and to my surprise it fit perfectly and the fabric was so insanely soft! I began thinking of ways I could incorporate it into my wardrobe and I knew it would be a great top to wear for both casual and dressy attires.

Plaid shirts are such an easy way to throw together an outfit. Seeing how the blouse is the accent piece in this get-up, you're able to simplify the rest of you outfit to give your shirt some spotlight time. To complement my top, I threw on my favorite neutral coat, tan scarf and (of course) my black skinny jeans accompanied with some black heeled booties.

Coat (Old, similar here)
Scarf (Old, similar here)

[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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I hope you all can stay snuggley warm today!
xo Lauren