Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! Ever since I was young, I loved that it was an excuse to get together with my family and eat a ton of yummy food! Deviled eggs for example, I LOVE deviled eggs and I only eat them twice a year so it's a big deal to me! ;)

For today's post I wanted to put together an outfit that is both cute and comfy. Something that allows you to get semi-formally dressed up to impress those that you don't get to see all the time but also allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the day. Nothing's worse than being stuck in tight fitting, uncomfortable clothes after a giant meal. So here are a few of my tips to stay cute and comfy this holiday.

Wear a hat: Hat's are an easy way to dress up your holiday look. Thanksgiving is a pretty lazy holiday at our house, you don't want to look too "fussy" looking. Throw in a few curls, side braid or keep it straight and sleek and top it with a hat.

Loose fitting sweater: Sweaters are not only comfortable and chic, but if you happen to over eat and feel bloated you don't look like you are going to burst at the seams. You all know that feeling...

Stretchy pants/leggings: Like above, in the event of over eating on delicious food. (which it will most likely happen) it's good to have a little bit of a stretch in the waist line to keep you comfortable during the day.

Comfy shoes: If you have to split your holiday time between families (like us) its good to keep the shoes comfy so you can travel from house to house. As well as having a shoe that you can easily slip on and off. High maintenance shoes are such a pain to put on and off. Keep it simple.

Scarf: Like I've said in my previous post, scarves are a good way to finish off the look. If you are traveling around it will keep you warm and for the long distance travels they work as a pillow too. :) It's a light layer so if you get too warm you can shed it to be more comfortable.

Accessorize: If you are still feel like you need to add your own spice to the look, add your favorite earrings, lipstick, necklace, watch and belt to give the outfit some finishing touches.

 Follow these steps and you will feel comfortable and stylish all day long!
I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and enjoy the time off with your loved ones!

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