Fur Reals

Boy has it been freezing cold the last couple of days! It's to the point where I cannot seem to fit any more layers on me. When I am freezing cold, my ideal layering system is; long sleeved shirt, long sleeved button up, sweater, coat, scarf and if I'm still cold... a fuzzy blanket to top it off. I am always cold. Even in the dead of summer, you could find me curled up on the couch with a blanket. During this time of year it's difficult because I have to look professional while I am at work and sometimes its hard to layer and still look good. Luckily I found another cute item of clothing that I can throw over the top of some of my work clothes!

I was at Target a few weeks ago and I noticed that they were stocking up on all of their fall/winter coats, vests and ponchos. So of course I went and browsed for a bit and ended up finding this poncho. The plaid pattern instantly drew me in, and I'm a sucker for a faux fur. Now, I have never really been a huge fan of ponchos. I think they look so cute on other people, but I guess I always thought it would make my short frame look like a big blob so I never gave them a chance. That is, until I saw this one. I immediately started thinking up of how expensive it was. A poncho with this heavy of fabric, detachable faux fur I was expecting the $50-$70 range. To my surprise it was $40! To some, this may still seem like a lot of money... I thought the same thing initially but the quality of this poncho is amazing compared to vests and ponchos I've seen at other stores for double the price!

I have made an excuse to wear this everywhere I can! Especially with the temps dropping lower and lower, it has kept me so cozy and it goes with everything! With the detachable faux fur, it can be worn more like a draped vest with some jeans and tall boots. Or if you'd like to dress it up a bit, leave the faux fur on and throw on a LBD and heels and you're ready for date night.

Anyways, sorry for that long rant, but I hope you guys get how much of a great deal this is. I have linked the poncho below! I was lucky enough for get mine in store (they actually had to pull it off the mannequin for me haha win!) so I hope you are able to have the same luck! If not, online is a great option too! This poncho will keep me warm for many years to come! If you were like me and had never given them a chance, I encourage you to go to Target or any other clothing store and just try one on. If the silhouette isn't your thing, then thats cool, there are hundreds of layering options out there.. but give it a try! It might surprise you!

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[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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