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Hey guys! I hope you are having a great week so far! Aside from daylight savings screwing up my life, and coming home from the sun, to rain and cold weather... I can't complain too much. Haha! If you remember a few posts ago, Nate and I went to the launch party for Trixin ClothingTrixin is a family owned clothing company in Logan, Utah. We were able to meet the creators and other family members who have helped build Trixin, and who run the store. Nate and I totally fell in love with their clothes as we were browsing around. Before going, I had my eyes set on this hoodie so I was on the hunt for it! Luckily we found it and it was everything I could have hoped for. I don’t know what it is but classic, simple hoodies are my everything! Nate and I are both jacket hoarders. In fact we have a whole closet dedicated to our jackets. #facepalm I loved the heather blue color and the pop of red/orange color from the leather badge on the front. While I was holding it and walking around the store, I found that I kept touching the inside of it cause it was so crazy soft! That right there is a winner in my book! If the design of the hoodie is bomb, but then its soft on the inside.. it's going home with me! I have washed mine a handful of times since getting it, and it is still just as soft as it was when I first got it! So go get one for yourself! I wear mine basically every day after work! :) Rewind to when we were at the launch party, Nate kept eyeing all the rad snapbacks they had. And BOYYYY did they have a ton to choose from! We are talking walls of snapback options! However, this grey one was our favorite and simple enough that we could both wear it. Although, Nate wears it more than I do and doesn't he look smokin'?! ;)

When we were planning our trip to St. George, I knew I wanted to take pictures with this hoodie cause the red rocks would complement that leather detail and the color perfectly. I have been really into athleasure wear lately so you’ll often find me wearing leggings, hoodies, joggers and really any type of comfy clothes that also work for day to day. Trixin clothing styles are exactly that. They are comfy, cool and easy to wear. This is the style and feel that I wanted to create going into the photoshoot. The relaxed look of the hoodie paired with my trusty Nike kicks, leggings and a quick messy braid make for the perfect casual, lounge look and feel that no one would turn down. 

Trixin Clothing is a company I trust and I know I am going to be sticking with for a long time! Not only are the clothes great quality, the service is amazing but overall, the people behind the scenes were honestly the nicest people to talk to. This made me fall in love even more with their clothes! I hope you enjoyed this post and find inspiration from it. Do me a favor and go check them out and snag yourself some great pieces! I promise you, you will love them! For my readers who are in the Logan area, they are located in the Cache Valley Mall or just go online! 

I love you all so much! Thanks for being such amazing friends to me! I love connecting with you and sharing what I love with you. 

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren

Leggings- similar
Kicks- similar


Photography by the hubs!