Blue Suede

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Nate and I got a horrid cold on Christmas Eve that hit us both pretty hard on Christmas morning. That never happens with us, usually one of us will go through a sickness, and then a few weeks later, the other one will get it. So it was hard to have both us feeling sick at the same time. It didn't stop us from enjoying time with our families and talking with his little brother over Skype! Waking up this morning was pretty rough.. coming back to reality after a nice brake is so hard. But we made it, and we can sleep some more this weekend with New Years!

If you guys were on Instagram a few days back then you know I posted that my sweet husband surprised me with this gorgeous new coat. I have been in search for a longer, thick coat with a big faux fur hood. I have seen lots girls wearing this type of coat and I think they look so cozy and cute. I've seen most girls wear the "blonde" colored fur. I already have my fur collared poncho, so I knew I wanted something different.

Before Christmas I was searching constantly to find the right one within a reasonable price. I spotted this one from Forever 21 and just about died. I showed it to Nate and was trying not to come across spoiled or anything because I got all new make-up for Christmas.. and it was not cheap. I didn't want to make him feel stressed with forking out more money so I didn't try to make a big deal of it. But I wanted it SOOO badly. A few posts back that in my Passionate Red Lips post that I have worn the same coat for a couple years now. My friend Hollie had bought 2 sizes of a coat and it fit me perfectly so I bought the other one from her. But I still wanted a coat with faux fur that was puffier.

Well... Little did I know that my sweet husband had an agenda to get me that coat. He has kept tabs with that coat online and found out that it was on sale at our local store. He kept telling me they were out of stock online and in the store. Little stinker. Before we ran our errands we drove up to the mall and sure enough.. found the coat! I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit and how warm it is. The blue faux suede fabric is so soft and is waterproof, it's completely lined with a sheep-like wool and not to mention I love the black faux fur! I feel so spoiled that Nate went through all of that to get it for me! Man did I score with him!

Hope you all have a good Monday! 
Just think.. only a few more days and we get another long weekend!! 

Booties (bought in store)

[Photo Cred: The Hubs]
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