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Holy snow?! Did anyone else wake up with snow on the ground? I guess its beginning to look a lot like Christmas afterall.. ha!
So, I am totally becoming a moto jean hoarder. For the longest time, I thought the detail in moto jeans would make my thighs look bigger (its possible that they do, but I don't care). If there is one thing that I look for most while shopping for clothes.. it's detail. Clothing items that have unique details always draw me in. Whether it is texture, patterns, cut, or has a certain "pop" I find a way to incorporate it into my personal style. 

Now, I have always been an edgy girl with a splash of glamour and spice. I love getting dolled up for special events, as well as grudging it up in sweats and Nate's hoodies. But by far, my favorite go-to look is always an edgy one. 

Over Thanksgiving break, I was talking with my little niece and we were talking about our favorite color. She was saying "pink, no purple... no blue! I can't choose, I love them all." So I asked her to guess what my favorite color was and she said "Black! Cause you are always wearing black!" haha I laughed pretty good because its true... black is one of my favorite colors because its so easy to go from classy to edgy with simple wardrobe changes.

Recently, however, I wanted to try something different from my normal black skinny jeans because frankly it was getting old. I still love them.. but they're just becoming boring. So I snagged these burgundy pleather moto pants and have felt rejuvenated having another statement piece in my closet. I added a pair of knee boots and it made my look even more edgy and complete. I'm pretty sure moto jeans and over the knee boots were made for each other. I love the way the top of the boot meets with the bottom of the edgy texture (insert heart eyes emoji here).

Because moto jeans are such a statement piece, I wanted to tone down the top. So I put on this sweater dress. Yes it's a dress. Trick of the day, if you have a favorite dress that you just cant seem to get rid of.. try tucking it into some pants and voila, you have a new top! This sweater dress is so soft and I wanted a softer texture on top, so it was perfect. To complete the look I threw on my moto leather jacket to mimic the texture on the pants. 

I said it once, and I'll say it again.. Never have I ever put together such a complete outfit. Detailed pieces make getting ready in the morning so easy! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and stay safe with the snow and crazy drivers out there. It's crazy that Christmas is just a week away! Gah! Time to log off and get the rest of my Christmas shopping done! Thanks for stopping by!
xo, Lauren
Sweater Dress (similar)
Jacket (similar)
Necklace (similar)
[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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