Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate has always been a favorite treat of mine, (Hollie and I go at least once a week and grab one from our works restaurant) When Winter comes around I love having more of an excuse to go out and find all sorts of yummy flavors and try them all. The flavors that I always keep on hand are Stephens Gourmet Flavors: White Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Belgium Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. But no matter what amazing flavors that people invent (you know they come up with a million each year) I always go back to a classic milk chocolate with heavy whip cream to top it off. Nothing beats it!
Last year I came across this Creamy Crock pot Hot Chocolate recipe and OMG, it is seriously the best thing in the entire world! No one likes a thin, weak cup of hot chocolate, and this recipe is so creamy and rich of flavor.

See recipe below:
- 1  1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
- ( 1 ) 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk
- 6 cups milk
- 1  1/2 teaspoons vanilla
- 2 cups of chocolate chips (milk, dark or semi-sweet chocolate)

Pour all the ingredients into the crock pot and whisk together until well combined. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours, stirring occasionally, until mixture is hot and chocolate chips are melted. Whisk well before serving. Garnish as desired (whip cream, marshmallows, or a peppermint stick)
*Recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee*

If you have any holiday parties and you want to provide something that not everyone and their dog provides. Make this recipe! You will looove it! And everyone else will too! Enjoy!

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