Passionate Red Lips

 ^^ You can totally see the tag in the sleeve (facepalm)

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving break! Nate and I spent most of our time eating yummy food, hanging with family, staying in our PJ's and binge watching Netflix. We never get time to just relax and do nothing so we took full advantage of it! It was the perfect weekend and we didn't want it to end! Because of this I was a little MIA. I truly enjoyed just being with my family and not feeling like I was glued to my phone or posting pics all day long (kudos to those who did!).

For this post I want to focus on two elements of my ensemble... red lipstick and new winter peacoat.

So a few weeks ago, I scored some Ulta Matte Lip Cream and I am totally in love with them! They are buy 2 get 2 free! WHAA?! If you are needing stocking stuffers or a gift for the fashionista/make up artist in your life, be sure you grab a few of these for them! The formula is so creamy and when it dries the matte look is dreamy and velvet-y looking.
I have been super into the dark shades lately, but when I saw this passionate red color I wanted to give it a try with the season changing. I feel like red lips just screams Christmas and it makes you feel so sassy! I haven't done tight curls for a while so I added to the sassy-ness by throwing in some tight curls with my red lips.

The peacoat actually has a funny story to go along with it... So before my friend Hollie and I went out to take these pics I noticed the coat she was wearing and was just telling her that I have been wearing the same coat for over 2 years. She mentioned that she just bought hers from Nordstrom Rack. This was the type of coat I have been looking for so I made the mental note to check it out when we got back to work. However, as we were heading to the cars she was like "Wait, I bought two sizes and one is in my car, see if it will fit you cause I'm just going to take it back anyways!" So we went to her car so I could try it on and it fit perfectly! That is what friends are for! For buying two sizes so your friend can have the other one! haha! Anyways, it was a funny coincidence and I am seriously in love with this coat! It's wool so it's perfect for the cold winter months but also has the cutest cut. I love how the peplum bottom that wraps around my legs when I twirl. It totally adds to the sassiness of my entire look. It also happens to be the same brand as my bag!

I hope you all go snag you a few of these lippys! I know you will love them!
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Coat (couldn't find the exact coat online, but similar styles, same brand)
Pants (Similar)

[Photo Cred: HLSteed Photo]
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