Sporty Chic

If you're anything like me, (especially with this horrible day lights savings time) you are usually running late in the mornings....
Whether it was because you needed a few more winks, taking time making sure each curl is perfect, or trying to match your eyeliner.. (sometime your eyeliner just doesn't want to cooperate..)
What ever the reason.. when you go into panic mode for how late you are, having a simple go to outfit is such a stress reliever.
All you need to look easy, chic and put together.. is your trusty white t shirt, jeans (or skinny colored pants) and your favorite scarf!

Half body shot

angle shot

looking down

Hair in the face

Close up 1

assesory shot


Nike hat full body shot

^^ If you're going on a few days without washing your hair..
Hat's are the perfect solution!

outfit shot

half body shot 2

close up 2 

White t-shirt: Victoria's Secret Scarf: Old Navy Pants: H&M Booties: Target
Hat: Old (Similar) Sunnies: Forever 21 Watch: Amazon Rings: H&M

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