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So, besides my floral obsession, I am also completely smitten by Blush Pink right now. I mean, how gorgeous is this Kingdom & State blouse?
It is such an easy, feminine, classic color and perfect for Spring! Not to mention, this color goes with basically everything—Black skinny's, white skinny's, boyfriend jeans, skirts, shorts.. you name it! 
Dress it up or down, its fail proof! 
I got this blouse at the amazing warehouse sale from Kingdom & State and to be honest.. this is probably my favorite item I got. I remember before the sale, I was looking though their website and writing down the items that I wanted and hoped would be at the sale. When I got to this shirt, my jaw literally dropped.
 I ran upstairs to show it to Nate and told him that I HAD to have this shirt, whether it was at the sale or not... This shirt was MINE! In fact, I was pretty close to just buying it that night.
Good thing I didn't buy it, because it was at the sale! I cannot explain how excited I was when I saw it, and it was even more gorgeous in person. And it is really comfortable! Win Win!
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Bag (Thrifted from Ross)
Necklace Old (Similar)

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