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^^ Can we just note how crazy long my hair is getting?! ^^

There is nothing better than a fresh new pair of shoes. Am I right? I feel like the shoes you wear can either make or break your look. I am always on the search for a good pair of shoes, no matter what type of shoe it is. If I find it on a good deal it’s pretty hard for me to pass up. I was browsing Instagram and saw a fellow blogger post these shoes on her site and I just about died! They look just like Yeezy Adidas shoes!! Confession: I am not a fan of Kanye West, but I  love his shoe line! I saw later on her Snapchat that she called them Steezy’s (Stevie + Yeezy) GENIUS! Too perfect and her version is like a 1/10th of the price of his! 

You guys, these shoes are perfection! I wouldn’t recommend them for high intensity workouts or a marathon, but they are the perfect everyday shoe. I am naturally drawn to sneakers with white bottoms because I love the fresh, clean look, but after walking in them all day they tend to get dirty. So what I've been doing is keeping Clorox wipes and a Magic Eraser in my bathroom and after a day of wearing my shoes, I just clean up the sides of the bottoms and BAM! New shoes again! I'm sure a ton of people do this and it sounds kind of tedious, however, once you make a routine of doing it, I promise your shoes will last so much longer and you’ll look like you are wearing brand new shoes every time you put them on.

So since we were going to be running errands all day, I needed an easy breezy outfit. I told you guys before that I have been really into the athleasure wear. For those who think I just made that word up... nope it's a real thing! Basically it's taking athletic/workout clothes and styling them in such a way that can be worn in daily life. Workout clothes have always been my go to choice when it comes to being comfortable, so why not be able to wear those clothes outside of the gym or home? One of my favorite stores to get my athleasure wear is Albion Fit. You heard me rant about them on this post, but I cannot get enough of them! This shirt is the best fitting shirt I have ever worn and the fabric is thin enough that I don't get too hot while wearing it on a warm day, which is HUGE for me! I hope you guys like this look! Be sure to go snag yourself some of these Steezy's cause they go out of stock crazy fast! I promise you you will love them! 

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Jeans- similar I cut out the holes myself. 
Hat Old- Similar
Bag co IZOD