Three Years and Counting!

Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary so as you can imagine, this is going to be a pretty gushy post cause I’m pretty obsessed with my Nathan! #sorrynotsorry. People will say that the first few years of marriage are the hardest. Sure, it can be difficult to have things that are new that you never had to deal with before, but I believe that it’s how you and your spouse deal with those hard times that will make your marriage happy and stress free or hard and frustrating. Before we got married, Nate and I told each other a few things that we would like to see in our marriage. The first thing we both said was that we were never going to fight. This has truly made our marriage easy. Knowing that we will always have each other’s back, listen and never judge each other is what marriage and love is all about. Now, I am not going to preach that we have a perfect marriage because we don’t; no one does. However, being happy and loving towards one another invites the spirit which in turn, creates a happy home environment which equals having a successful marriage! Our marriage is the core of our lives and being married to my Nathan has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It truly brings me so much happiness every day.

Sometimes I tease Nate and ask “are you sick of me yet”? because we do basically everything together! His response is always “nope!” with a giant hug and kiss! Melts my heart! Here is a little snippet into reality at the Lords' house... Nate and I are probably the most weird couple on the planet. Haha! We keep it cool and normal when we are around other people but at home we are pretty darn weird and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We have dumb little inside jokes, silly voices and sometimes just break out into some sort of dance move that instantly get us belly laughing. My absolute favorite thing to do is to get Nate to laugh his genuine laugh because it probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Tickling him usually does the trick! 

Ever since my blog started we have gotten even closer together because we have a little project that we love working on and coming up with new ideas for. For those who don’t know, Nate is an amazing graphic designer. I mean AMAZING! (He just got accepted into the BFA Graphic Design Program!!!) I don’t just say that because I am bias, but he really is crazy talented. He helped create my blog, designed my logos, takes and edits my photos/videos and even goes to blogger events with me! He is perfect! I pretty much wouldn’t have a blog if it weren’t for him! He is such a hard worker and I feel so incredibly blessed to have a husband who is so supportive in believing in me and my dreams. I have told you guys before, but blogging can be hard. I try to be levelheaded, but hard times can really get to me and the only thing that gets me through them is Nate. He is so good with his words and always knows the right thing to say to get me through a difficult time. I am sure that is one of the many reasons God put him in my life. I'm so very grateful for that cause I probably would have quit like 10 time by now. Haha!

Alright, alright... I could go on for days about how much this guy means to me, but for the sake of this post I won’t. ;) One of my favorite songs by Brad Paisley says “and I thought I loved you then”. At the time, I didn’t think I could love him more than I did on our wedding day. Boy was I wrong! He is my best friend and I fall more and more in love with him every day and can’t imagine life without him. In fact I can’t think about him and how much I love him without getting emotional. He is the most kind, loving, sweet person I have ever met and makes me want to be a better person. I am so blessed to call him mine and to be with him for forever! I love you Nathan! You are my everything and I cannot wait to see what our future holds together!

Happy Anniversary bubbas! 

Wedding Photography by Sunnydays Photography