Spring Sunday

Yesterday was quite the amazing day! It was the official first day of Spring and Nate and I (along with thousands of others) were able to participate in the dedication of the stunning Provo City Center Temple. It is such a privilege to be able to be a part of such a historical event and I will remember it for forever!
Spring is now finally here, and Easter is around the corner. Ever since I was little my mom and I would go out shopping to find a perfect Easter dress for Easter Sunday. I simply never grew out of that tradition so I've been on the hunt for a Spring-time, Easter look for the last few weeks. All of my browsing has gotten me really excited so I have been itching to break out my Spring colors and begin embracing more color into my wardrobe. I was rummaging  around in my closet to see if I had anything to work with and I found this really cute floral skirt that I bought over a year ago (wore it on this post) and I just completely forgot about it. I realize now that I am wearing the same bag and shoes in both posts.. but oh well. They are just the perfect nude shoe with a pop of neon green that shows throughout the skirt!
Being a blogger, it is easy to get caught up in the trends and want to go out and buy new clothes for future posts, plus who doesn't love finding new clothes? Financially, that isn't always the case for me and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'd say most people don't have the funds to go out and buy a new outfit for every occasion anyways so I was happy to use my own clothes and really love how it turned out! My only regret with this look is that this floral skirt is no longer available for you guys. So I have tagged other floral skirts that I love and that are available, that will be perfect for Easter Sunday!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy Monday!
xo Lauren 

Skirt- Old, other great options for Easter- herehere and here
Blouse- Similar
Bag c.o. IZOD

Photography by the hubs