Easy Sunday Best

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and soaked up some warm rays! So, some of you may have noticed... or if you didn't, that's ok too, that I haven't posted for a little bit. There isn't really any reason for it, other than life has been very very busy. With life being so busy, I literally didn't have any time for myself or with my own husband. So I took the little time I had in the evening (which I usually spend on blogging) and instead relaxed with my man, unplugged a bit and had some very overdue "me time." Not to mention Millie girl had her vet appointment last Friday. I was a complete utter mess the whole week leading up to it, so I took the day off from work to take her with my mom. We still aren't sure whats up with her, I'm hoping she is just old, and doesn't have any major health problems. She is 16 human years which is 84 cat years. So she is an old geezer. But we'd love to have her stay with us as long as we can without her being in pain. So we'll see what her lab results are later this week.

So, due to life being so complicated and busy. Easy, to-go outfits were a necessity and I was just feeling so blah, and I kind of didn't care what I looked like. However, when it came to Sunday, I was always taught at a young age to dress your best for church. So I had to mesh comfort, ease, and appropriateness for church and this outfit is what I came up with. My skirt is actually a dress I bought a few years ago for our family trip to Hawaii, but the slits are waaaay too scandalously high. So I wore a white shirt and pulled the dress down to look like a high waisted maxi skirt. As you can see, that made the skirt incredibly long. I took inspiration from a Pinterest pic and tied a knot to keep me from tripping over the skirt all day.

This rose colored pleather jacket has been my favorite to-go jacket! Whenever spring comes around I always have the hardest time letting go of my sweaters and jackets. Luckily I live in a place where Spring is a little on the cooler side, so I can get away with it! Leather/pleather jackets have always been a favorite of mine, however, the ones I own are SUPER old. I've probably had them since I was in high school and they definitely have some wear and tear. So it was time to buy a new one! I was browsing Forever 21 cause they were having a sale on their outerwear. I came across many great looking jackets, but then I saw this gorgeous rose colored jacket and prayed they had my size because I remember seeing it in their store a few months ago with Nate, and we both just loved the color but they didn't have my size.. :( and YAY! They did have my size!! It was the best purchase I've probably ever made!

Also, I have to talk about the elephant in the room. Yes I have super white legs. I'm aware and am totally embarrassed and how glowing white they are in these pics.. but oh well. That will all change soon cause Nate and I are going on a fun getaway this weekend and somewhere warm! We've been looking forward to getting away for a LONG time and can't wait to give my skin some much needed vitamin D and color. So I hope you all have a great week and that it can fly by! 

Thank you for stopping by and remember to be kind to one another!

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