Little Black Dress

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend! Nate and I drove to Logan for the launch party for Trixin Clothing on Friday. We stayed up there for the weekend and got to see my sister's family and play with our nieces and nephew. It was a blast! I loved meeting Carlie and her family at the party. Trixin is a family owned company and they were all the sweetest people to talk to! I am excited to see how much they grow, and get their brand out there! I for one, am in love with their line, so you will most definitely see a post from me really soon on their clothing!

So now to the post.  Rewind to the beginning of last week. Like you guys read before, I was invited to the VIP Utah Fashion Week launch party and for this event, guests were asked to wear black. And who doesn't love finding a new dress for an event right? I'm not going to lie though, I had a hard time finding anything that would work and that was budget worthy. I seriously went to EVERY SINGLE STORE and just couldn't find that "perfect" dress. Out of pure desperation, I googled "women's clothing stores in Utah" and J Crew Factory was at the top of the list. I thought, "what do I have to loose?" I began scrolling through their dresses and then BAM! This amazing little black dress popped up and it looked perfect! It was too late to go grab it that night, so I called and luckily they had only ONE dress left, and it happened to be my size! I put it on hold and my amazing, loving mom drove to the Traverse Mountain Outlets and picked it up for me while I was at work. I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work cause I wouldn't have anything to wear, but I tried it on while I was at work and it fit me like a glove!

Because the silhouette of this dress is a little "sweeter" due to the A line shape. I needed to bring in my edgy vibes, so I paired my black pointed toe, laced up heels and gold chain clutch to give it that element. For the UFW event, I put my hair in one of my signature messy braids but for the post I wanted to try a different, more elegant hairstyle so I tried a messy, tuck style. I honestly don't really know how I even did this hairstyle, I just bobby pinned some tucks and this is how it turned out haha! I love how it turned out and could see it used for all sorts of looks. 

Having a perfect little black dress should be a staple in every girls closet. One that fits them perfectly and that can be styled in hundred different ways for any occasion. Before this dress, I didn't really have that perfect LBD, and I can now say that I do! I hope you like this look. If you love this dress checkout J Crew online, they have tons of sizes online! 

Thank you for stopping by and remember to be kind to one another.

xo Lauren 

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Photography by my amazing husband!