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Happy Wednesday everyone! I don't know if you noticed but the blog got a face lift!! YAY! I have been working on getting a new look for the blog for a while now, and I think it's coming along great! It's still not perfect, there are a few more tweaks to get it perfect. But I love the new look, I hope you do too!

Today I am excited to partner with one of my favorite local fitness lines, Albion Fit! As you guys know I am newer to the fitness world, and since the new year started I have been trying to do better when it comes to my health and fitness routine. I'll admit, I haven't been perfect, but I haven't given up and that's a big accomplishment!  I am not, however, new when it comes to dressing the part. One of the best things about getting into a fitness routine is having cute, comfortable and reliable active wear. It's also interesting to note that you can wear it wherever and whenever you want. It seems like active wear it's taking over the world and I love it! The second I get home from work and on the weekends, you will find me in leggings or sweats. So then why not wear leggings and sweats that you can wear to the gym and then run your errands right after and still look stylish?

Albion Fit offers vintage, luxury swim apparel and active wear. I was blown away by the selection at their store. Their clothes are suited for all body types and personal styles. I am personally a plain Jane type of dresser. I like simple, sleek colors (cough, cough black...) and clean lines to elongate my short frame, but I also love pops of color every now and then. When I walked into their store it was SO hard to choose. I kept going back and forth between my simple side and my fun colorful side. Obviously my simple side took over. This long sleeve Go Long Crew is so insanely soft, yet light weight. It is perfect for both light and intense workouts. I wore it to my U Jam class Monday night and boyyyy did I sweat, but I never felt too hot while wearing it which is huge for me.

When I was trying on different styles of pants at the store, Nate popped in and was so impressed by how soft and thick these At Ease Joggers were. I'll be honest in saying I have worn them everyday since I got them and I will probably live in these clothes for forever! ;) I remember when I first laid eyes on their Antigua floral print a while ago and about died! I still plan on getting their one piece swimsuit in that print one day! Albion is progressively adding new styles to their collection, so you are bound to find something you will love! Now, for those of you who looked at the prices of some of these items and got a lump in your throat and are thinking "so much for staying within the budget Lauren..." The only thing I can say to that is, well, sometimes you need to splurge on something that you know is going to be worth the money. I have been saving up to be able to buy something from Albion and it was SO worth it!

So, if you still aren't convinced, and need a little help with your pocket book, Albion is giving you guys a great discount on your favorite item!! Use the code urbanombre15 to get 15% off! This deal will expire on February 24th so spread the word and get it while you can!!

Just as a side note, they have some super cute items picked out just for Valentine's Day. Who says you can't have a relaxing night at home and wear some super comfy clothes on Valentines Day? AND they just launched their new swimming suit line that I am DYING over! Be sure you go check them out and get your summer wardrobe started with Albion Fit! 

Thanks for stopping by! 
xo Lauren
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Photo Cred: My amazing Husband!