Rosey Pink

^^ do you like Rogue stripe ;) ^^

Wow, it's Wednesday already? Crazy that when you are sick, days just merge together. I woke up with the sorest throat ever Monday morning, and totally lost my voice. Not to mention I've probably slept only 6 hours the past 3 days.. so needless to say, I was needing some time to recuperate. I hope you guys can forgive the fact that this post was meant for Monday and the Easter thing is kind of over at this point.. but oh well. I still love this look and wanted to be sure to show it to you!

Anyways, the Easter Bunny surprised Nate and I with some new church attire this year. Nate, a new sweater and me, this dress. Life has been crazy busy, so I wasn't able to get any Easter shopping done till the day before.. #facepalm never doing that again! But I (uh.. I mean the Easter Bunny..) was able to score both the sweater and dress on clearance! As if Target isn't already amazing, I am always finding amazing pieces in their clearance section without even really looking. I was walking through the women's section, to the men's section and this dress was poking out of the isle and the print automatically drew me in. I picked it up and sadly.. it was a few sizes too big. But for how cheap it was, I figured I'd just belt it and call it good! Which, I think it worked out. Eventually I am going to deconstruct it and take it in so it fits me better, but until then. Belt it!

I hope you all had a Happy Easter. I love being able to reflect on what our Savior did for us and that because of Him I am able to be with my amazing husband and family for forever. I am so grateful for all of you and for all the love you always show me! I can't thank you enough for being such amazing friends!

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xo Lauren

Dress- Cannot for the life of me find this dress anywhere so here some similar styles 12, 3
Jacket- no longer online- similar 
Heels- similar