Girly Tomboy

I'm going for a very casual "girly tomboy" look today. Whenever summer comes around I tend to go the more casual route. Lazy summer days call for a classic baseball cap, casual tee shirts and jeans. I think this dates back to my childhood when my family would all go out to my brother's baseball games to support him. It just feels natural and comfortable, although this summer has been pretty brutally hot so far. This last Saturday was really hot so we spend most the day in the pool trying to keep cool! With how busy we are during the week, Saturday's are pretty much the only days we are able to relax, run errands and go on dates. So we decided that every Saturday is going to a "fun in the sun" day at Nate's parents and have our "relaxation station" in the pool! It was seriously heaven being in the cool water while still enjoying the heat from the sun. Perfect combination! Not to mention, it was so fun acting like little kids again. We made up fun games to do in the pool so we wouldn't get bored, and Nate and Jade made a whirlpool! Best day ever!
So with this crazy heat, jeans are no longer an option. I have been searching for some great shorts or skirts to pair with my casual looks. I did (luckily) come across one pair of shorts at Target (30% off!!) which made me pretty happy. But they are the only shorts I own so I need to go find myself a few more. I'm all ears if any of you know where to get cute "longer" shorts and skirts.
Hope you all can find ways to beat the heat this summer! I know my T-shirt dresses are saving my life so far! (take a look at my Instagram to find out where I found my favorite dresses!)
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Happy Monday Everyone!

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