Wish List Wednesday--Graphic T Shirt Frenzy

Wish List Wednesday- Graphic T's

Ok, so they say that the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem right? So I am admitting that I have a graphic t shirt hording problem. There is something about a fun, easy graphic t shirt that just makes your outfit! I am all about throwing on some jeans and a simple graphic tee to just run out the door. No matter what store I am in, I usually find myself looking at all types of graphic tee's. To be honest.. one of my favorite places to look for them is the men's department at Target! They have everything from my nerdy side with superheros, bands and TV shows to just fun quotes and cute sayings! As an added bonus (since they are men's shirts) when you wash them they don't shrink!! So they are always the perfect fit and SO comfortable. I have come across many many shirts that I have kept a little log of (see above) so when some spare change presents itself  I can go buy them ;) I hope you like them! You can never go wrong with a fun/simple graphic tee. Promise!  

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Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!
xo Lauren