Woven Pear

I am a sucker for socks! If I come across a cute pair of socks I usually snag a few of my favorite prints. When I've got a cute pair of socks on, I strut my stuff! So becuase of my sock obsession, I came across this adorable sock company called Woven Pear (first of all.. cutest name ever right?!) Let me tell you what.. these socks are incredible! They are thick, but not too thick, the prints are adorable, and they stay snug on your feet. No slouchy socks! It's kind of ridiculous how often I wear mine. After I wear them, I make sure they are in the next load of laundry so I can wear them again! These socks keep their structure and never get loose or anything! Not to mention, they are a good conversation starter.. I've had people compliment me on my SOCKS! How awesome is that?! They put all my other socks to shame and I CANNOT wait till I get more!

Woven Pear is always coming out with adorable prints for their socks. For all you Bachelorette fans (I know you are out there.. and yes it is a crappy season so far.. but I know you watch it.. ;) ) Woven Pear has recently made the cutest socks with roses and "true love" written at the bottom of the socks. So while you watch this season blow up.. at least your feet will be nice and cozy. I mean.. how cute is it to write things under the socks? I think it's adorable and very creative.

 I am currently wearing mine as I am writing this post because I seriously love them so much! I can't help but smile when I see my cute tootsie's all snug.

Alright.. So, I've basically talked myself into buying more.. so I'm heading to their website right now to buy more.. and you should too! You will not regret it! Because everyone needs more pairs of cute socks!
Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you all can beat the heat this weekend!

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