Swimming suit season always gives me anxiety... No matter how good I feel about myself, whenever I have to put a swimming suit on, I am always on edge and uncomfortable. So to fix that, Nate and I are starting a new diet and training regiment. It's been something that we have been wanting to do for a while so we are finally jumping on board and are going to get healthy! We are eager/nervous to get started on it, but overall we are very excited to get healthy and build strong and fit bodies for summer.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food! All kinds! So staying away from certain foods is going to be challenging but it's worth sacrificing to get myself back into shape! Now, I am by NO means a pro when it comes to exercising.. in fact, I'm basically pro at finding excuses not to go. However, since we are doing this together, I've asked Nate to be my trainer and motivator so I don't fall into the procrastination trap. Nate is the perfect combination of motivator and my sweet caring husband. He will never push me too far outside my limits and has so much faith in me while also helping me great results. The "good job babe" and "you're doing amazing" is what keeps me going!

With planning this new lifestyle, I'm realizing how important it is to be healthy. I know that I won't have this young body for forever. I want to begin an active lifestyle now, so it becomes the norm for later in life when kiddos are here and I'm trying to keep up with them! I am feeling more determined than ever to get my life put together. So, if you are thinking of getting started with a fitness routine.. Stop thinking, and DO IT! You will feel so much better about yourself, your self confidence will sky rocket and you will be so much happier!

I would suggest if you are beginning a new fitness plan that you go with someone you are 100% comfortable with. Go with someone who can help keep you on your plan and motivate you! I can't thank my sweet husband enough for always being there and helping me along! We have come across a new program that is FOR SURE going to kick my butt.. but that's the point! It's time to get these buns into shape, and with Nate there, I know that I will be able to stay motivated and keep going.

A few things that I am focusing on during this new lifestyle change is 1. Drinking alot of water. While I am at work, I keep a pitcher of nice ice cold water and go though about 2-3 pitchers full a day. Keeping your body hydrated is going to enhance your appearance as well and maintain your body and how it functions. 2. A big part of this new lifestyle is eating healthy. I would say that I make pretty wholesome meals for Nate and I. I want to be sure that we are both getting good amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that we need, but I had no idea how much crap is in what I thought was "good" food. So I have been educating myself in what is good food, and how to obtain the best nutrients in foods. It really opened my eyes. I'm nervous to cook with new foods.. but so far, they have been really yummy! 3. The last important step in getting healthier is exercising. I think this is going to be the hardest part for me.. But Nate has assured me he isn't going to let me quit!

Basically my overall goal is to finally get over my insecurities and feel good in my own skin! That is something I have always struggled with, so I am eager to get my self confidence up and be happy! (Plus, I got myself some amazing swimming suits and planned vacations on the beach. So I am determined to look good in them!)

I would love to hear what you guys' health routines are and what you do to stay fit and healthy!
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