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So, do you guys remember my friend Meg from Arsenic and Lace? She is the designer of the super cute Gilmore Girls line. She just launched her new summer line and you BEST be getting to her site to check out her cute graphic tees! After my adorable sister, Jade, and I posted about our Gilmore Girls sweatshirts, I came across this "Choose Joy" tee. I fell instantly in love with it! One of my favorite things about graphic tee's are simple sayings like this! I thought to myself, "How do I choose joy?"

Life can be pretty hectic and super frustrating! So its a lot easier said than done. But choosing joy will just make you a happier person. Instead of dwelling on the frustrating things or stressful situations that you cannot control. Think of all the wonderful things you are blessed with. After I asked my self that question I just couldn't help of think of Nate. When days come along that I don't want to choose joy.. he chooses it for me and finds ways to make me happy.

One of the happiest days in my life was marrying him! He is seriously my everything! That day was basically a blur but I do remember being late to the Temple and Nate thinking I stood him up. (Ha!) While little did he know my dad was going probably 80 mph down a 40 mph road. (I was praying the whole way no cops would be around!) I remember being so nervous and so excited at the same time that both Nate and I felt like throwing up as we waited to enter the sealing room of the Mount Timpanogos Temple. I remember seeing all of our loved ones in the sealing room and knowing that I was going to be with them for forever! I can't remember a lot after that.. but I do remember the feelings that I felt that day—how much I loved this man, and how excited I was to be married to my best friend and that I was going to be able to be with him for eternity.

Now, 2+ years later.. I never thought that I could love him more, but everyday there is always something that he does that just gets my heart thumping! He is my pride and joy! I could be in the worlds worst mood, and some how he manages to break down that angry wall and gets me to smile and all the worries and frustrations seems to go away. I feel so incredibly blessed to have someone who I can be 100% myself with, and that he can be himself with me. Let me tell you.. we are weird! Sometimes we will be goofing off doing something ridiculous and we will stop and say "if people saw us right now.. they would think we are so weird." Totally fine. That's my favorite! When we can be silly, escape the frustrating world and just be together.

So, just in case you missed the Gilmore Girl post with Meg. She is offering a great discount for you guys for TODAY ONLY!  Use the code urbanombre to receive 10% off your entire order!! You seriously don't want to miss out! She just launched some adorable take tops and t-shirts that you will fall in love with, but all of her lines are so adorable and comfortable! I hope you can find ways to choose joy and make your lives happier!
You guys are the best! Thanks so much for reading!
xo Lauren 

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