Swim Swim Swim

Well it is officially summer! That means it's time to get a new swimming suit! Now, like I have said before, swimming suit season always gives me such anxiety. I'm not used to showing tons of skin and with not being the skinniest girl on the block, its hard for me to feel comfortable. BUT, I will say that when I have a comfortable, flattering swimming suit on, my insecurities aren't as stressful.
I have come across some of the cutest swimming suits lately and would LOVE to get them all one day. I personally have a few from Kingdom and State and am seriously smitten with, and they make me feel so confident! Talk about good coverage! Their high top bottoms and tops that are a tad bit long are a perfect combination that provide just the right amount of skin showing! Not to mention, you could buy all of their tops and bottoms and have an endless amount of combinations! They all go together!
Kortni Jeane has come up with some of the cutest patterns to play with, with her swim line! You can get anything from cute frilly sleeved swimsuits, to your basic high wasted peplum look. She has really considered the women's body and how differently we are built. Girls in any size can look great in these suits!
Now, due to the "bikini age" that we live in and my body type, I haven't been a big fan of one pieces in the past, but Albion Fit is beginning to change my mind! They have some of the most unique and flattering looking suits and I cannot wait to get my hands on one! It really gives me hope that modesty can still be achieved while still looking cute.
I hope you all can get yourselves a great swimming suit for this summer! It's definitely a hot one, so swimming is going to be a necessity!

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