Tulips and Denim

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've had a great week this week! It's been quite the busy week for us. On Tuesday, Nate had a simple Lasik consultation, we didn't think much would come of it but next thing we knew he was scheduled to have his surgery two days later! So yesterday was the day that Nate has been wishing for, for a long time! He has worn glasses his whole life, and was eager to throw them away! Not to mention being that he is a graphic designer, and staring at a computer screen through glasses gave him horrible headaches. This lasik surgery will help him so he can continue with school and career without too much eye discomfort. You all have been so sweet with your comments on his behalf. It made him smile every time so thank you so much! 

So now on to the post! Sandals have been my #1 go to shoe this Spring. I have found so many great deals on sandals that I just cannot refuse! I scored these coral babies at Old Navy back on Easter. I wore a sea foam green pair in this post a bit ago. They are really comfortable and flattering with any outfit. I got these in store and found that going a size down fit me better than going a size up. Old Navy doesn’t sell half sizes, so I got a 7 instead of going up to an 8. I still had a ton of room to wiggle around and the 8’s were just a bit too big, I kept tripping over them in the store. So if these sandals are on your list, I suggest you get the size down rather than up. But that’s just me. 

Utah has an annual tulip festival event; we are talking THOUSANDS of tulips. It’s absolutely breath taking and have always wanted to take pictures there and with the color of these sandals, they would fit right in. However, I’m cheap, and didn’t want to pay for the ticket. Haha but, luckily, Nate and I found this patch of tulips and had our own little tulip festival and for free! We took the pictures in the morning time and the flowers had fresh dew drops and opened up for us! I'm a little sad that the flowers are now beginning to die. I wish someone would invent a flower food or something that would make them last for months rather than weeks. #milliondollaridea you know what I mean?

Anyways! I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! I reminded you last post, but if your mom isn't on Instagram, be sure you help her get it set up because there is a great giveaway that will be happening over there that you won't want to miss out! Love you guys! 

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xo Lauren 

Blouse (similar)
Jeans - didnt pay that much, got mine at Nordstrom Rack
Purse -got this purse from work (similar)