All Laced up with Half Tee

For today’s post I am so excited to partner with Half Tee to bring you one of the many ways I utilize them in my wardrobe! Ever since I began dressing myself, layering was just a daily thing. I hated the feeling of just having a bra and shirt. So my ritual was a bra, undershirt, shirt, cardigan or jacket. As I grew up, I slowly began to realize how much of a pain it was to do all of that! Not to mention how flipping hot I would get during the day.

I’m so embarrassed to say that I discovered Half Tee WAYYY too late in life! They are such a lifesaver! I however, have kept some of my old habits of layering as I grew up, but mostly because I’m a buster girl rather than needing the undershirt to feel comfortable in the mid section. For all my bustier girls, you know that cleavage can be a struggle right? Half Tee’s give me the extra amount of coverage and the best part I don’t have to deal with tucking in any undershirts into my pants! That was always the #1 annoyance of layering… having to tuck in all those layers and making sure everything looked smooth and perfect. That is no longer a big deal now that Half Tee entered my life. They have all sorts of tee’s to compliment any outfit! Pictured I am wearing a basic white cap sleeve tee, it not only allows my cleavage to be covered, but smooths out any bumps from under garments or bra designs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed just a bit more coverage or sleeve length for an outfit, and my undershirt began to bulge and I would feel so chunky and uncomfortable. The Half Tee stops just under the bra/ribs area and is just tight enough to stay put all day! If you haven’t tried a Half Tee yet, no judgement here, I too was late in the game. But I am here to help a sister out! Use the code urbanombre20 to get 20% off any half tee and I promise it will change your life! The code is good for 2 weeks so be sure you head over and grab your Half Tee's!!!

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xo Lauren 

Half Tee
Pants - got mine from Nordstrom Rack