H2blow Brow Tint

I probably don't need to tell you more reasons why I love h2blow and why you should go there, but here is another one! Not only do they do a stellar job with styling your hair, they also do brow tint and waxes! Brows have become an extremely important thing in my life. I believe that they shape and complete your face when you have all your makeup on. I look at pictures of myself back before I began filling my brows and cringe with how bad I was at over plucking them! Eeeesh, you guys, it was bad! I got my brows tinted a while back and I because I had NO eyebrow hairs, the tint didn’t look very good and I still ended up filling them in every day. The girl who did them before told me to get castor oil to help my brows grow fuller and faster. YOU GUYS! It totally worked!! I have such thick eyebrows and love it! So if you have thin eyebrows and you want to thicken them up, try castor oil! I would just put a q-tip in and rub it all over my brows before bed each night and I kid you not, it worked! Also if you have to pluck, only pluck underneath, never above the brow!

If you’ve never had your eyebrows tinted before, it’s pretty amazing! Over at h2blow they have certified brow technicians who look at your brows tint and then shape them with wax and tweasing so they look natural and even! Granted, my brows are already dark, and pretty well shaped so we were just focusing on evening the color and keeping it natural. All tinting does is darken the hair and skin (under the brow hairs) to give you a fuller, more even looking brow. It’s not made to shape the brow, tinting just temporarily enhances the brow hairs you have. That being said, tinting isn’t permanent so when it begins to fade I  eventually have to fill in the gaps with some eyebrow powder. My tints last anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Whether you believe it or not, I am really low maintenance when it comes to my makeup. I use products that get the job done fairly quickly and will last throughout the day. My brows were always the longest part of my makeup ritual and I HATED doing them every day! Because they were crazy looking, there was no way I would walk out of the house without them done and I had to force myself to do them every day. Now that my brows are much fuller, tinting is the perfect and cheaper solution for me. So when you swing by h2blow to get your hair done, don’t forget about your brows! They also need some attention and the technicians will make them look fabulous there! I am thrilled with how well mine look and will now take the time to travel back to h2blow to get them tinted again!

I have been asked so many times in the past to do an eyebrow tutorial but was so embarrassed at how many steps I took to get my previous brows, so that’s why I never did. Sorry guys. However, I have a much easier routine lately that I am excited to show you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren