h2blow Blow Dry Bar

^^ Snapchatting Nate taking pics of me. 

^^ they offered a diet coke for me, but I didn't expect to be given this adorable bottle! 

^^ Hands down the best dry shampoo in the world! Get it here!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to celebrate your wonderful moms! Nate and I were both able to spend time with our mom’s and talk with his brother who is serving an LDS Mission! It was a great weekend and I am really sad to be back to reality.

But I'm super excited about today's post! I hope you were paying attention on my Instagram over the weekend, if not, read through this post and then head over there asap! I have been teasing you with a Mother’s Day giveaway last week and I am so stoked with how many of you were listening! My friends over at h2blow and I wanted to give the chance for you and your mom to get some well-deserved pampering with a free blowout! This was my first time at a blow dry bar and Oh. My. Word! It was heaven and I’m pretty obsessed! They make you feel so special, only use the best products, and all the girls are so sweet and I promise you, your hair will look amazing! Plus how cute is this crown braid!? I didn't have a particular look I wanted, so my stylist just began playing around and ended up with this messy, Game of Thrones inspired crown braid! 

My first thoughts of h2blow was just how cute it was set up! Fresh light colors, fun printed walls and my favorite part was where they go wash your hair, they dim the lights so you can have a more relaxing environment. (Although, Nate tried to take pictures back there and it just wasn't working, so we turn up the lights a bit, and it still didn't work.. haha!) My stylist introduced me to two brands that I have never heard of and am now obsessed with, Oribe and R+Co. Both of these products are high standard products without spending a ton of money. Not to mention they smell amazing!! I walked away with my own R+Co dry shampoo. I have never had a dry shampoo give me so much volume, while cleaning my hair at the same time, oh and duh, it smells sooo good! 

The winners of this giveaway will have a chance to experience these amazing products and fall in love with them just as I did! If you haven't participated in the giveaway yet, head to my Instagram now! This giveaway ends TODAY! So tag your mom for a chance to win this amazing prize! I wish I could give everyone this giveaway because I cannot say enough good things about h2blow. If you are in Utah, be sure you visit them at the Foothill Village Mall in Salt Lake City, or their upcoming store in Park City! I love you guys! 

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xo Lauren 

Shirt <-- hands down my favorite shirt right now!!
Jacket - bought at Bohme in store (similar)
Jeans didnt pay that much, got mine at Nordstrom Rack