Three ways to style a simple dress - Part 1- Boho Chic

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Nate and I had the best time just relaxing, doing some spring cleaning around our house, running errands, watched the LDS General Conference and of course celebrating Nate's birthday! Oh and my voice came back! Still not feeling 100% but having my voice back is huge!! If you've never lost your voice before, you have no idea how hard it is to talk. You have to push to get any sound out and you feel like you should be screaming with how hard you are straining... but in reality, you're just whispering. Ha! So I was pretty happy to know that it was back! 

I have been waiting a while to finally do a post with this dress! I've said it before, but basics are my best friend! I feel like you can never go wrong with simple, basic pieces in your wardrobe. You can style them hundred different ways to get different overall looks. I am going to show you guys how I style this dress to get three different style looks throughout this week.

I just have to talk a bit about this dress. I saw it online and naturally, the simple silhouette sparked my interest and the price was too good to pass up. Once I received it I was blown away by how insanely comfortable it was! It feels like you are wearing a big, soft t-shirt! The drawstring at the waist allows you to have a cinched in waist or keep it loose to give more comfort. Now, I have never been a shorts fan. I feel like they cut my legs off in a weird place and make me look shorter. So during the warm months, I turn towards dresses and skirts and this is the perfect dress to keep you covered, but cool during the warmer weather. It is Lauren approved! ;) 

Ok so to start of this "Three ways to style a simple dress" series I am starting with one of my personal favorite trends, boho chic! I would define boho chic as easy, effortless, comfortable and slightly edgy. This outfit was all of those things! I paired this simple blue dress with a camel colored floppy hat, beige satchel purse, fun sunnies and some gladiator sandals. This outfit was easy to walk in, effortless, very comfortable and I felt like the cat eye glasses gave it the edge it needed.

I'm excited to do a little mini series for you guys. I feel like most women have basics in their closet, but get stuck on styling them the same way. I hope I can inspire you to maybe try something new! If there is a basic that you are stuck in a rut with and need some ideas, be sure to shoot me and email, comment below, or find me on Instagram and I'd love to think up some ideas on how to style those basics! I hope you guys love this look! Be on the lookout this week to see two more style options for a simple dress. 

Thank you for stopping by!
xo Lauren

Hat similar
Purse same brand- similar