Three ways to style a simple dress- Part 3- Simple Elegance

Happy Friday friends!! Boy am I glad the weekend is here! I'm pretty much always happy when it's the weekend. Haha! Cause I know it means I get to relax, and not have to worry about tedious thing that we all have to deal with during the week. Am I right? So, today is the last of this little mini series and to be honest.. I'm a little sad. I had a lot of fun putting together these posts for you guys. You seemed to really enjoy them and it makes me love what I do even more when I know that I have inspired you guys with styling your daily outfits! (insert heart eye emoji here!)

To finish off this week of styling tips, I decided to save the best for last. Simple elegance! I believe you can dress up any simple dress to fit into a more elegant setting. In this post, I added some fun pumps, a statement necklace and then to give the dress a different silhouette, I added a knot. Done! Super simple right? I find that the more simple you go with any outfit, the more comfortable you are going to be. I've totally been in the situation where you are dressed to the nines, but don't feel comfortable so you are fretting with your clothes the whole night and are just miserable. I think we've all been there. So! To avoid having those uncomfortable nights. Instead of finding the more elaborate dress, skirt, top or whatever.. try going a simple route and then embellish your outfit in the accessories. A pair of pumps, necklace, belt, purse, hair piece. Any accessory can bump that simple piece to make it into a WOW piece! I've done this knot detail in this post and I love the difference it makes with both of these outfits. 

If I were to do this shoot again, I probably would have done something different with my hair. Like one of my signature braids, or updo. But, I honestly didn't think about it.. so all I did was turn my head upside down and fluffed it to give it some volume and to create a more effortless wave look. So if this look is something you want to wear to an event, I would say have fun with your hair! Braids are making a HUGE comeback and I for one am loving it! A chunky, messy side braid would give this look the extra edge, yet ease to complete it.

Anyways, I hope you guys have enjoyed this styling series! I have had a blast creating it for you and would love to do more in the future! Shoot me some ideas on some you'd like to see. Be sure you keep your eyes out on the blog because some big, exciting new things will be coming that I KNOW you are going to want to see, because I get requests for it all. the. time! So stay patient and I will announce everything when it's ready!! Have a great weekend guys!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren