Messy Fishtail Twist Braid Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone! Holy cow, I feel like it has been ages since I last posted. Oh wait. It HAS been ages but for a good reason because Nate and I have been working so hard on (drum roll please....) creating my very own YouTube channel and beginning to create hair/beauty tutorials! I get asked all the time to create tutorials for you guys and ya know what?! Guess I'm gonna be brave and just do it!

So disclaimer... I really apologize for being super shady and saying that I was going to post the video about our anniversary getaway last month. Here is the thing, after going through all the footage, and starting to edit it. I realized that it was super boring! Haha we literally did NOTHING during that trip, and I felt like it would have been kind of a lame start to my YouTube career. SO! I shot this tutorial while we were on our getaway and decided to pull it and turn it in to my first hair tutorial. It's no where near perfect, the video quality isn't very good cause I used an old camera and I look like a total noob (cause I am one) but we really enjoyed playing around and figuring out how we are going to continue to make these tutorial for you guys.

Now that that is out of the way, I have to say that filming and editing videos is no easy task. I applaud you people who can whip it out in a day. I'm sure that if both Nate and I had more time on our hands we could do it but with school finishing up, it's a miracle we got this one done! Ha! I don't have a set schedule on how often I am going to be posting tutorials, but I hope that I can create a routine and post them! In order to do that though, I'm going to need your help! First of all, I really hope you like the video and that you subscribed!!!! If not, go here and subscribe so you wont miss any of my videos. Second, be sure to comment on what you would like to see from me! I have a list of requests but want to continue to get more to satisfy your cravings! ;)

I love you all so much and am really excited and nervous to start this new chapter in my life and blog. I look forward to all your requests and love!

Thanks for watching and stopping by!
xo Lauren