Weekend Workup- Memorial Day Sale

Memorial day is a very special day for my family.  We've had members of our family who have served this great country in the armed forces and some who have even lost their lives fighting for it. There's a lot of meaning and emotion behind this holiday which is why it makes it extremely hard for me to find excuses to be out shopping as opposed to being with my family and paying my respects to those who we have lost. I appreciate stores that respect special days like this and begin their sales early. If you (like me) are stuck with letting shopping get the best of you, rather than spend the day celebrating those lives we have lost, then don't you worry! Bella Ella Boutique has made it so you can get some great Memorial Day sales starting TODAY! From May 22-25, you can get a great discount of some amazing pieces both online and in stores! Use the code: MEMORIALDAYSALE to get 20% off your whole order! I am always about saving money on shopping! But holiday's that have deep meaning are much more important. So having the option to begin my savings starting today is great! While looking through their site I became obsessed with their graphic T's (which is why there are so many above). I made a little list of what I'm going to be looking for when I make a pit stop this weekend.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!
May we always remember those we have lost.