Weekend Workup- Old Navy Mother's Day Sale

Hey all! It's finally Friday and that means it's Mother's Day weekend. Before I get started I want to make sure ALL the moms in my life know how beautiful they are, and that I hope that when my little ones get here, that I can be as good as a mom as they are. Thank you for all your hard work, examples and love that has been shown to me over the years! I love you all!

Now, I know that I have already done a weekend workup on Old Navy... but they are always having the best sales that I know I wouldn't want to miss! So with Mother's day just around the corner, there is always a concern of getting the perfect gift for your mom. When I think of all the mothers in my life, I think about how hard working they are. Their #1 goal is to bring happiness into their children, while simultaneously keeping the laundry up, cleaning the never ending dishes, and kissing the hubs. With all of that going on, its easy for them to forget about their own beauty and happiness. Your mother is your best friend, secret keeper, and your cheerleader and she deserves something that makes her feel loved and beautiful! So this year, let's help out all the hard working moms out there who don't have the energy or the drive to get themselves dolled up on their special day!

 So what can we do for these hard working moms? How about a Mama's Makeover?!
Right now, Old Navy is having a 30% off store-wide sale!!
We are talking sales upon sales! But that's not all!! Not only are they giving you 30% off, but you also get free shipping on any order over $25! This is just too easy! However, sometimes it can be hard to find clothes for others if you don't know their personal style. That's natural because people change their personal styles all the time. Old Navy, however is a great counter to that because their clothes are so versatile not only in varying styles but also in sizes. If you see an item in the petite section that you just love, and you are one of my curvy ladies, they will have that same item in your size too! So there really isn't any excuse to not take a look!

If you are in a time crunch to get your special mama something great! Take a stop over at Old Navy! Use the code MOMSRULE to get that 30% off your whole order and get free shipping on any order over $25! Here are a list of my favorite items that would look great on any mama out there!
Enjoy and Happy Mother's day weekend!


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