Boyfriend and Bikers

Boyfriend style shirts have always been a favorite of mine! They are so easy and versatile and not to mention, super comfortable! If there's any type of clothing that is both cute and comfortable.. I am ALL in!
I got this boyfriend blouse from Old Navy (aka the boyfriend shirt style heaven!). I loved the faded/ white chambray look the shirt has. The fit is a perfect combo of flowy and structured, which is what you want with these shirts. You don't want to look like you are drowning in it.
To pair with this top, I wanted to look relaxed, comfortable, and cool (hence the sick jeans!). To be honest... I picked this outfit out just hours before this shoot and I like how it turned out. The biker jeans are hands down one of my favorite pair of jeans right now, (I got them at Soel Boutique) and so I knew after buying this top it was going to work well with the jeans.
 Boyfriend style tops will give you an effortless look while still making you look put together. Plus they look good on EVERYONE!
I don't know about you, but I am loving how the trends are changing from tight, revealing clothes to loose, comfortable styles. When you are comfortable, you are much more relaxed and confident!

I hope you all like this look! I would love to hear you comments!

Blouse (also loving thisthis and have this)
Pants: Old (similar but pricey)
Hat (similar)

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Happy Friday everyone!!