Pretty in Pink with Shop Sevan

Hey guys! Sorry I've been so MIA on here on the blog and on Instagram. Nate and I spent the best weekend with this family for Memorial Day and we had every intention to take blog photos, and do some fun new posts! But to be honest, we ended up just soaking up the sun and unplugging from social media (minus a bit of Snapchatting) and being in the moment and relaxing! It was SO needed and don't regret a thing! We got home Monday night and we both woke up on Tuesday with awful sore throats and I honestly couldn't get out of bed. I felt like my body weighed a thousand pounds so we stayed home and recouped and are feeling a bit better today, but we are praying that Nate doesn't have strep throat...

But! I am back and am excited to share today's post with you all! I partnered with a newer local online boutique Shop Sevan! The owners names are Sarah and Evan, hence the name Sevan! I mean how cute is that? I don’t think Nate and I could have a cute couples name like that… Nauren? Lathan? Late? haha that one could work cause I’m always running late! Haha I’ll work on it!! Anyways, I heard of Shop Sevan when they first launched their line and was instantly in love with their items! They provide so many different silhouettes that work for all body types, the price point is just right and best of all, they are all modest!

The second Shop Sevan contacted me; I knew this blush pink maxi skirt was what I wanted to spotlight from their collection! I mean how absolutely stunning is it? I am a shorter girl and this skirt doesn’t overwhelm my shape and is the perfect length to be able to still wear heels without having that awkward 2 inch gap between the skirt and the floor. Not to mention, it is SO comfortable! The fabric is so flowy but doesn’t give you too much extra fabric. When it came in the mail, I paraded around my house with it on and didn’t want to take it off; that is until Nate got home and I realized I need to stop twirling in front of the mirror. ;) I’m pretty obsessed with it and have some events I can wear it to in the future!

If you haven't heard of Shop Sevan  be sure you go check them out! As an added bonus they are offering my readers a discount to shop any item and get 20% off the whole order! Use the code TWENTY at checkout! They just added some adorable dresses that are perfect for summer and can’t wait to add them to my wardrobe! Support our local boutiques and go check them out! Be sure to tag #urbanombreblog and #shopsevan so we can both see how you style their items!

Also, let me know if you guys are interested in a video tutorial of this crown braid! It look me less than 5 minutes to do and is the perfect hairstyle for Summer! 

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Lauren 
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