Tassels Tassels Tassels

Phew, it has been a hot minute since I last posted here on the blog! Ever since we got back from vacation over Memorial Day weekend, we have been so insanely busy! Nate recently made a career change and so we have been working with his new employer on getting him all ready to go. It’s been bitter sweet for him. Change is always a struggle, but the hardest part is leaving his team. The people he works with are some of the most genuine, loving people I have ever met. I will personally miss seeing them when I visit him. BUT! It will be ok! Through prayer and council with one another, we firmly believe this career change will be beneficial for Nate and our little family.

Now that summer is officially here, the heat is in no way being shy! I cannot believe how hot it gets here sometimes. I feel like last summer wasn’t nearly this hot! You all know that if I get too hot, its instant nausea and sick stomach… not fun! My approach this summer so far has been breezy loose t-shirts, jeans, skirts, baseball caps and sandals. I feel like the more simple the outfit, the more comfortable you will be in the hot temps. I automatically am drawn to t shirts, and when I find a t shirt with a little flare my heart literally skips a beat! I found this tassel shirt at H&M when we were shopping for some new work shirts for Nate. I just couldn’t resist it! I have seen tassel shirts basically everywhere…. But the ones I’ve seen are all crop tops where the shirt stops after the second row of tassels. I like having enough length to be able to have the option to do my signature tuck, as well as having enough sleeve length!

The fabric of this shirt is heavy enough that it drapes just perfectly, but thin enough that you don’t get too hot. When we took these pictures it was INSANELY hot and the only reason I got hot was because I was wearing jeans. What are some of your favorite things to wear during the summer months? Also, for my endowed girls… where do you get cute jean shorts? Every pair I have tried on just makes me feel so short, and my thighs look 10x bigger than they are. Is that just the curse of jean shorts? I don’t know if I am just not looking for the right fit, or style... but this girl needs some help in that department! So any advice on where to get some cute, flattering jean shorts…Holla at me! I hope you guys like this post! Sorry it’s been a while. We have a lot of fun things happening this summer that I’m eager to show you!

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xo Lauren 

Shirt- bought in store, but loving this one!!
Jeans got mine at Nordstrom Rack for much cheaper 
Sandals- I got these over 2 years ago, here are similar, more expensive version.